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The Wood

The beauty is in the detail.

Vintage Floors parquet floors are made from 1st. class North European oak wood which has a subtle and natural grain enhancing the floors natural beauty.

The first class grade features a combination of warm brown colour tones, with knots, marks and mineral stains adding to the character of the wood. The 1st. class grade has specifically been chosen because it ads life and character to the floor. Choosing a finer grade can often leave the floor looking life and character less.

Having been cut the logs are left to dry in the forest for no less than two years. The logs are then transported to the Vintage Floors factory where the logs are cut into planks and kiln dried in our own kilns, thus reaching a dryness of 6%. During the production process the dryness of the wood decreases to 8%, which is the dryness of the finished parquet floor.


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